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Conference Topic

1. Science and Engineering of Fluidized-Bed and Multi-Phase Reactor
hydrodynamics, solid behavior, heat and mass transfer, bubble column reactor, gas-liquid-solid three-phase reactor, gas-solid reactor, micro-reactor, multi-phase chemical reactions, biological and biochemical reactions, modeling and simulation, reactor design and scale-up, demonstration plants/processes, process safety and control, etc.
2. Energy & Environmental Chemical
combustion, gasification, reforming, pyrolysis, upgrading, drying, hydrogen, biomass, biomass-derived liquid fuels, coal, wastes, heat recovery/storage, heat pump, energy materials, catalysts, fuel cell, exergy analysis, energy saving, emission control, environmental protection, etc.

Technical Sessions

  • Fluid Dynamics in Fluidized Beds and Multi-Phase Reactors
  • Energy Conversion
  • Combustion, Gasification and Pyrolysis in Fluidized Beds
  • Environmental Protection
  • Catalytic Conversion and Materials
  • Biomass and Biofuels
  • Hydrogen
  • Membrane Separation
  • Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS)
  • Project and Program Management
  • Engineering Education
If you are not sure whether your topic is relevant to the scope of this conference,
please send your inquiry to the Conference Executive Secretary (Prof. Dong Hyun Lee, dhlee@skku.edu). Thank you very much.